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Cast Away Lakes 2024 Lake Rules

We do our best to keep our lake stocked with fish and clean. We ask for our customers help us keep it clean, safe and to help stop people from stealing fish. Our lake will only remain great for fishing if our customers help see to it.
Stealing a fish is a crime and considered theft. All fish in our lake is lake property. Anyone caught stealing fish from our lake will be legally prosecuted and barred from the lake. If you see someone stealing a fish please come to the bait house and let us know. Anyone reporting theft will receive a cash reward.
• Please observe the ½ way boundary when casting and fishing our lake
• No drugs or alcoholic beverages permitted on lake property
• Fires are permitted in fire rings only, do not move fire rings, no burning skids or wood with nails/screws in them
• All music and noise must be kept to a minimum
• No stainless steel hooks, treble hooks, wire, or steel leaders
• Lanterns must be kept in a 5 gallon bucket
• Place trash and bait in trash barrels, not on the ground or in the water
• 12’ of bank area per person (provided they have a fishing ticket)
• Speed limit is 5 MPH on lake property
• Arguments, foul language or fighting will not be tolerated on property
• All fisherman must reel in fish on their own pole
• All children must be accompanied by an adult
• 2 poles per adult ticket, 1 pole per child ticket
• All protest must be made with in 15 minutes of weighing fish
• Tents are allowed with employee’s approval on where to set it up
• Park on the back side of the dam so other vehicles can get through
• No Pets allowed
• No swimming, wading or getting in the water for any reason
• All visitors must park at the baithouse, do not park around the lake
• No weighing your own fish for any reason
• Bait fishing, throw nets, throw lines or snagging is not permitted for any reason
• All fish in this lake are lake property, stealing a fish is considered theft and will be legally prosecuted
• No holding fish for any reason, keep them on the ground or in a net
• Any fish that are snagged or foul hooked will be disqualified from all jack pots.
• All fish must be caught using a net
• Your ticket is void if you leave the lake, all sales are final, no rain checks
• Anyone caught fishing without a ticket will be arrested for trespassing

Break Any Of These Rules And You Will Be Asked To Leave This Lake